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ABOUT US  LOYAL GUN STORE Started in 2015 with a goal of creating a website where gun enthusiasts could come for news, product reviews, and the latest information on issues that impact gun owners. LOYAL GON STORE rapily grew into the most trusted  source of information about gun online . Over the year, we have publish thousands of articles and reviews, keeping gun owners in the know about the issues the care about. Now, in addition to being your most trusted source for news, we have evolved in online marketplaces that celebrate gun ownership.

The loyal gun store team has talk to thousand of gun enthusiasts, store owners, manufacturers, and organizations. it became apparent that the process of buying a gun online is to cumbersome, slow, and confusing .We set about to change that . And so, we began the process of building a better way to buy guns online – one that brought ease and savings to customers, while protecting and growing local guns store owner revenue. ABOUT US

Our mission is to keep it Local , make it easy, serve our customers, and take pride in Ownership.


When possible , we want you to be able to get your gun from your local gun store owners. In addition to being a tremendous resource for local gun owners, gun stores provide jobs and support your local economy.

We are not a big box retailer that takes money away from your community  -if someone local has your gun in stock, we want to sell that one. Not that same gun from a warehouse located 10 states away.


Buying a gun online shouldn’t be confusing. Finding the correct  firearm should be an enjoyable experience. And getting your order fast, with full confidence and understanding of the background process is what LOYAL GUN STORE will deliver to you. ABOUT US

We will do the hard work for you  — making sure the FFL you want to pick it up from properly licensed (other sites will make you find out and send proofs), giving you a marketplace that is simple to use so you can quickly find exactly what you are looking for and letting you know the status of your order throughout the process , even after you have picked up your gun. just order your gun, and we will do the rest —- letting  you how exactly when and where your gun is along the way.


When you do business with loyal gun store you are getting a standard of service unmatched in the industry. We stand by our sales giving you a full 7 days to test out your gun to make sure it works. ABOUT US

We provide you free access 7 days a week to our rangemasters — customer service experts with a wealth of knowledge about guns. not sure that you want ? Our rangemasters exist to help you through it all. They might even know some good spots around your town to try out your new gun!


And while we want to give you the best guns buying experience online, we also take great pride in owning guns. its is right that we support and respect. our staff is made up of gun owners and enthusiasts who have years of experience in all areas of guns. We are hunters, range rats, tactical experts, concealed carriers and more. ABOUT US

Our shared goal is to ensure you have a great gun buying and ownership experience. We will bring you the latest developments in the industry, show you reviews of the latest guns and show you products in action. whether its out on a big bear hunt or after work at a local range, we  want to show you why we believe gun ownership is a right to be proud of. ABOUT US

We have worked hard to bring you an online community that takes pride in gun ownership. And we will contribute to work hard to make it better for you. As always, if you have thoughts on how to make us better, please share them with us. Thanks you for doing business with LOYAL GUN STORE we know your time and money are valuable, and we appreciate you spending them with us. if there is anything we can do better, please let us know at


Shop for New and Used Guns. Browse a wide range of shotguns, handguns and firearms Glock for purchase online through proper regulations at LOYAL GUN STORE .

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